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V pátečním zahajovacím L** zvítězil Standa Hošák s Legonen Chovtrans
Judita HF Alkapet won for the fourth time in a row this season at KMK in Opava Kateřinky with the evaluation of 8.5pts.
In the final performance tests of three-year-old stallions in the testing breeding house Padělky (Albertovec) Radegastʼs son won unambiguously with the total value of 8.8pts. Stud Radin was born to a mare of our breed called Josefka after Cartouche. Josefka is a full sister of the mare Jíva, also from our breed that a few days ago reached in her own jump performance the degree T and a half-sister of so successful Judita HF Alkapet. On the last checking day before VZ, Radin was evaluated for his exterior with full 5 points and was recommended by the commission for the 100-day test of stallions. Second place was taken by Radegastʼs son, Raf Graf from the mare Raf after Graf Czech, as well. He received the total value of 8.4pts. So Radegastʼs offspring beat everyone again.
At MŠMK in Ostrava, we were represented in the category of five-year-olds by the mare Judita HF Alkapet with Standa Hošák in her saddle. She proved to be a unique horse since she has won all three contests she took part in this year! For the video, see the section Achievements.
Also, at MŠMK in Ostrava we presented in the category of four-year-olds three stallions (2 after Radegast) and the studhorse Con Pleasure with Kateřina Soviaková in his saddle won the contest without making a mistake.
Radegastʼs daughter Wiktorie with Anežka Martynková from the stable JLB Komorní Lhotka in her saddle won the contest without making a mistake.
A studhorse Radek with Jiří Hruška in his saddle rewrite the history when they won Grand Prix Ostrava, which happened nine years after his father, a studhorse, Radegast won it. Congratulations! For the video, see the section Achievements.
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