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2640 Radegast (Raphael – Wendekreis – Wohlklang)

Radegast is an accelerative Hanoverian stallion called Raphael who is a worldwide legend and a dark chestnut Hanoverian mare Wünschtraum after Wendekreis.


Radegast took part in ‘Körung’ of Hanoverian stallions in Verden, Germany in 1993, where he was tested by Stanislav Hošák senior. Radegast was finally purchased and transported to the Czech Republic as a breeding stallion for a stud farm in Brno. In autumn 1994 he excelled in a one-hundred-day test of three-year-old stallions in Slatiňany and achieved excellent results: class 8.7, type 8.36, exterior 8.68, performance 8.92 (out of 10).

Radegast’s breeding and sports career started in 1995. He began participating in breeding shows KMK (competitions for young horses) with great achievements. From the very beginning he gained many admirers due to his incredible jumping performance with a maximum concentration, which lasted for the whole time of his sport career. Radegast successfully competed in the final rounds at KMK shows in three consecutive years, where he always finished in top five. In the following years he competed in show jumping competitions of the highest level and achieved level T (150 cm). Radegast finished in top seven iat the Championship of the Czech Republic in 2000. He is a winner of Grand Prix Opava, Frenštát, Ostrava, Poděbrady, and he also took part in several international shows CSI and CSIO-W, including the Nations Cup, always ridden by Stanislav Hošák jr.


In 2008, Radegast was bought by Mr. Aleš Fiala. Based on his sports results, he was registered in the Hanoverian stud book and in the Hanoverian jumping programme. Therefore, Radegast’s offspring from Hanoverian mothers can be registered in the Hanoverian studbook.

Radegast is an extremely fertile. He is a stallion of a strong fundament, high-quality exterior with significantly developed and properly muscled body, ideally angled and healthy hooves proven by an excellent X-ray. He has a great character and is highly communicative. He is very perceptive, intelligent and lively. His jump is strong with a maximum attention.
He has 37 registered daughters in a breeding process (15 mares are in an Acceleration Programme) and 4 sons - Roland achieved jumping Level T (150 cm). Other successful jumping offspring are Raul, Radek, Rebeka, Judita and Jolana. According to the evaluation of fathers of three-year-old mares between 2002 and 2007, Radegast was top one in performance with the average of 8 and top three in exterior with the average of 7.5. This proves that he is an absolute improver of not only jumping abilities. Radegast’s offspring are very successful at national show jumping competitions in all categories (i.e. Amina, 2nd in 2000, Robbie, 3rd in 2006, collection of foals Propet Brno, 1st – Reliéf champion of a jumping show in 2004). The offspring are healthy and temperament with an excellent X-rays. They have great exterior, character and jumping abilities, and they are also intelligent, communicative and easy to ride.
Breeder’s goal with Radegast is an exterior and health improvement, constitution firmness and jumping abilities.

Natural breeding is available in 2010 at Riding Club Valdštejnská obora, Sedličky near Jičín.


Petr Vančura
tel.: +420731461302

For English speaking clients:

Eva Lysova

Tel: +44 7525 205473

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Payment conditions:
3,000 CZK (€120) for the first cover
2,000 CZK (€80) additional payment for gravidity


Aleš Fiala Kravaře, HF stud farm

Danken přísluší k vynikající rodině klisny Wasany. Vlastním bratrem Diany, matky Dankena, je valach CIT, který je nejúspešnejším českým poníkem v historii tohoto plemene.

Výsledky Cita:
2002 - 4. místo na MČR military v Pardubicích a účast na MČR - pony v Hradci Králové s Terezou Polesovou
2003 - ve Frenštáte pod Radhoštem mu uteklo 3. místo o chlup a skončil 4. (s Terezou Ploesovou), 5. místo na MČR ve všestrannosti s Terezou Polesovou
2004 - vyhrál MČR v Hradci Králové, oblastní mistr ve skocích, 3. místo na OM ve všestrannosti a účast a následným dobrým umístěním na mezinárodních závodech v Polsku s jezdkyní Terezou Polesovou, 1. místa z výstav v Přerově a v Pardubicích
2005 - 3. místo na OM ve všestrannosti s Terezou Polesovou
2006 - oblastní mistr ve skocích a 3. místo na MČR ve skocích s Katerinou Kucerovou; 4. místo na OM detí ve všestrannosti s velkými konmi s Terezou Polesovou
2007 - 2. místo na OM v drezúře, 2. místo na MČR v drezúře a 2. místo na MČR ve všestrannosti s Hanou Dostálovou
2008 - oblastní mistr ve skocích v Trojanovicích, oblastní mistr ve všestrannosti v Žadlovicích a 2. místo na OM v drezúře v Trojanovicích - vše s Hanou Dostálovou
2009 - Oblastní mistr a 7. místo na MČR ve všestrannosti s Hanou Dostálovou; 8. místo na MČR ve skocích s Lenkou Dostálovou
2010 - podruhé vyhrál MČR ve skocích ve Zduchovicíh, získal 3.místo na OM ve skocích v Třeštine a 4. místo na MČR ve všestrannosti vše s Vendulou Rokytovou.

V loňském roce působil v plemetbitbě na Slovensku, v hřebčíne Rolan v Nové Bani, specializovaném na chov slovenského sportovního pony. V letošním roce bude hřebec působit v přirozené plemenitbě na stanici ve Velkých Hošticích.

Připouštěcí poplatek 2 000 Kč bez DPH